LG G Pro 2 Camera

The LG G Pro 2 Camera is stunning.  Recognizing the craze sweeping the globe, the G Pro 2’s 2.1-megapixel front camera comes with a clever selfie mode. Essentially, the phone shrinks the preview screen and surrounds it with a white border that illuminates your face in dark environments. And like its predecessor the G2, a Voice Shutter fires the shutter when you say words like, “smile,” “cheese,” and “whiskey.”

The Pro 2’s main camera features the bulk of the bells and whistles. It relies on a sharp 13-megapixel sensor backed up by optical image stabilization to quell jittery hand shake. LG also piles on the camera settings and shooting modes, including HDR, panorama, and burst, plus just about any manual toggle you can think of.

Along with 120FPS slo-mo video recording, the Magic Focus feature promises to allow you to alter the depth of field within photos after you snap them. We haven’t yet given this feature a try yet, but will do so ASAP. Check back soon for more details.

We can verify, though, that the Pro 2’s camera is very nimble, with a practically instantaneous shot-to-shot time. This is no doubt due to the phone’s quick autofocus and speedy image processing.



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