Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen

Samsung already had a display that’s sharper than the human eye can detect, so why and how would it go any sharper?

With the screen on the Galaxy S5 – which is now 5.1 inches up from 5 inches – once again Samsung was a victim of its own hype. We were all expecting a grand step forward, the first manufacturer to bring a 2K screen to the masses.

There were loads of rumors about this. With numerous outlets saying that it would be possibly bringing the S5 with a 2K QHD display – that would have been a dizzying 560ppi for screens as small as five inches.

But what we have is just a Full HD Super AMOLED version, one that’s actually a little less sharp in theory than before as it’s now 5.1- rather than 5-inches, meaning it’s down from a 441ppi to 415ppi on the new version.

It’s not massive, but it is a drop when we were expecting something higher-res.

The color reproduction does seem to be more impressive on the Samsung Galaxy S5, however, with movies looking much better on the device.

Given Samsung wants to go 4K for its 2015 smartphones, the halfway resolution did make sense for this device but we will have to wait.

In the end what we got was a 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) that is IP67 Dust and water Resistant.


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