Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

The big screen aside, the Grand Neo is decidedly an entry-level device, even more so than its predecessor used to be at launch. As you can expect at this screen size, the WVGA resolution is stretched rather thin resulting in a paltry pixel density of just 186 ppi.

The phone has a Broadcom chipset similar to the ones Samsung has been putting into its lower tier of devices, except this time it’s of the quad-core variety. It’s the first time we’re dealing with a quad-core Broadcom CPU in a Samsung, so we’re curious to see how it fares when stacked up to its dual-core counterpart in the original Galaxy Grand. Keep in mind that on the Neo we have a Cortex-A7 vs. the Cortex-A9 on the original.

The processor is where the upgrades end compared to the Galaxy Grand. In fact, moving to the camera department you’re greeted by a 5MP primary shooter capable of 720p video, and a VGA front-facer that’s even less impressive. This is a marked step down from the 8MP fullHD shooter on the original Grand.



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