IOS ahead of the Game in the World to Lead

Despite Android holding the majority of the mobile market share, enterprise users are overwhelmingly comprised of iOS devices.

A report by Good Technology, which is a company that provides secure usage software for enterprise users, revealed the numbers.

The number of iPhones activated came in at 54%, with iPads comprising 19% of activated devices. Compared to the number of Android Tablets activated, which was just 8.6%, iOS is looking pretty dominant.

However, Good’s reports should be taken with a grain of salt. Their studies don’t include Blackberry devices, which are still very much in use in the corporate world. Also excluded from Good’s findings are users who use Google apps, so that leaves out a potentially significant number of Android users.

Still, Good’s findings seem to confirm what Apple CEO, Tim Cook has said about Apple’s enterprise growth, which he defined as, “unbelievable.”

Which operating System do you currently use?



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