Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Predictions

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is starting to firm up thanks to rumors and thanks to Samsung itself. While we’re still several weeks away, at least, from a Galaxy S5 release, we wanted to offer up some bold predictions on how we see release of Samsung’s Next Big Thing going down later on this year.

For weeks now, there have been rumblings about a Galaxy S4 successor, a Samsung Galaxy S5. But it has been in the past two weeks that we’ve really started to get a lot of answers about Samsung’s next big smartphone release. Part of that is thanks to rumors and part of that has been thanks to Samsung itself which, for whatever reason, decided to spill the beans about a number of new products ahead of time.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy S5 will be coming with a different display size and a new design. It has also said that the device will arrive this spring, around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S4 last year. For those not keeping track, that means a launch in March followed by a release in April. Rumors have backed up Samsung’s assertion.

Despite Samsung’s unwillingness to talk about the device itself, rumors have started to piece things together. The device is thought to have a 5.2-inch QHD display, next-generation quad-core processor, 16MP camera, Android 4.4 KitKat, a brand new TouchWiz user interface, and more. In other words, there is reason to be excited about Samsung’s new flagship.

Of course, it’s only January which means that many Galaxy S5 details remain in the shadows. One of those details is arguably the most important, the Galaxy S5 release date.

Here, we do our best to predict the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date and what it might entail for those in the United States looking to snag Samsung’s rumored, but inevitable Galaxy S4 successor.

While there are a ton of Galaxy S5 release date rumors swirling around right now, none of them point to a specific date or a specific week. Instead, they simply point to April.

April is being thrown around right now as a probably release month for the Galaxy S5 release date and at this point, we can’t argue. With March almost certainly going to be the launch month for the Galaxy S5 since it will be skipping Mobile World Congress in late February, April seems like a lock.

Samsung has shortened the gap between the launch and release of its products but there is still a little bit of a gap. At the very least, we should see a gap of a couple of weeks, like Apple does with its iPhone. With that in mind April seems logical.

Rumors point to a late April release, just like the Galaxy S4, and we could certainly see that happening. The Galaxy S series is a popular device and Samsung will want to give itself time to ensure a smooth delivery in the United States and elsewhere.

In the years before 2013, Samsung and its carriers were awful about release date information. Samsung would reveal vague launch windows, for the Galaxy S3 it simply said May and June, and carriers would remain silent for as long as they possibly could. 2013 saw remarkable improvements.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 would land in late April and carriers in the United States announced their release dates much sooner. The same thing happened with the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung provided early, specific information and carriers took that information and ran with it. These changes led to much smoother launches, even at Verizon where the Galaxy S4 came a little later than expected.

Samsung and AT&T have had a close partnership for years, dating back to devices like the original Samsung Galaxy Note. AT&T is almost always near the front of the line when it comes to Samsung flagships and we are expecting the Galaxy S5 release on AT&T to be near the front of the line, if not first.

Verizon has always had trouble with Samsung launches. The company was dead last to the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S4, both by a long shot. However, the company seemingly turned things around with the Galaxy Note 3. It ponied up a pre-order shortly after the announcement and it released the Galaxy Note 3 before U.S. Cellular did. A small improvement but an improvement nonetheless.

We still expect Verizon to be towards the back of the pack when it comes to release date timing, it hasn’t shown a willingness to be first, or among the first, though we don’t expect it to offer consumers the same type of debacle that they encountered with the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 was released in May as opposed to April.


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