Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Update 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.4 KitKat is rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handsets in Poland. The update is available via Kies and is specifically designed for the Snapdragon-powered LTE model N9005, according to SM.

An OTA update will likely appear very soon. But if you cannot wait for that – and you’re currently in Poland – then just fire up Kies and download that sucker right now.

We knew the update was coming, having seen leaked screenshots of both the S4 and Note 3’s updated software, but this is the first instance we’ve heard about the update actually starting to rollout.

Now that the update process is underway in Poland, it’s likely we’ll see Android 4.4 go live in other European regions in the coming days and weeks – which means it could be hitting the UK very soon.

Android 4.4 introduces a slightly redesigned UX, a brand new lockscreen and an all white status bar. The update itself is rather large, so be patient when you’re downloading it.



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