Samsung CES Press Conference

Samsung’s CEO, BK Yoon, took the stage today to kick off Samsung’s CES Press Conference and present Samsung’s vision for 2014.

He discussed how rapid changes around the world are shifting customer needs, and demanding more innovative solutions from the industry.  He specifically called out four areas of change: Connectivity, Urbanization, Aging Population and New Emerging Risks.

In order to address these changes, he championed a new vision for the home of the future — a home that needs to protect, be flexible, and be responsive.

Enter the Smart Home

President of Samsung Electronics America, Tim Baxter followed up with a deeper look into the Smart Home, showing how Samsung devices can seamlessly connect and work together. He announced a new Smart Home experience that would allow people to control and manage their life more easily within an ecosystem of inter-connected devices.

Big Partnerships

Samsung announced partnerships with some big players, emphasizing the importance of content to Samsung’s vision. Samsung will be partnering with both the NBA and PGA to build innovative entertainment experiences.  Special guests Pete Bevacqua from PGA and Mark Cuban joined the stage to discuss Samsung visionary commitment to new experiences and celebrate their partnerships.

Curved and Bendable TV

Executive Vice President, Joe Stinziano, unveiled Samsung’s curved UHD TV. By combing Ultra HD resolution with an immersive, curved TV design, Samsung creates a viewing experience that draws the viewer deeper into the picture. The wows got even bigger when Samsung announced the first ‘bendable’ UHD TV. It’s a breathtaking innovation that seems to defy laws of space and time. With a touch of a button, it transform from a flat screen UHD TV to a curved screen. It bends to the needs of the viewer.

Samsung also confirmed their commitment to UHD content, announcing massive partnerships with FOX, Paramount pictures, Amazon, and Netflix.

Master Chefs in the Kitchen

World Class Chefs Michel Troisgros and Chrisopher Kostow joined the stage to help unveil the Chef Collection.  This new line of kitchen appliances is designed in collaboration with professional chefs to help build a smarter kitchen.  By delivering creative solutions to these home appliances, Samsung supports people’s passions while simplifying their lives.

Meet the Galaxy Tablet Series Pro

Samsung finished the evening by unveiling their new tablet line up. The Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro series were designed by listening to the needs and wants of customers. As a result, they serve up more ways to interact, explore, and be creative. Some of the new features include the crystal resolution on the WQXGQ display, a personalized Magazine UX, and new multi-window capabilities.



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