How to Customize the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lock Screen

Your device’s lock screen does more than just prevent pocket dialing. From the lock screen, you have access to missed events such as missed calls and new messages. You can access Music Player controls and view notifications from the Notification Panel. You can add widgets on up to five lock screens and access many of your favorite features right from the lock screen. To lock your screen, press the Power/Lock key. To view the lock screen, press the Power/Lock key again.

Lock Screen Features

From the Home screen, touch Menu Menu Key > Settings Settings Shortcut > Device My Device Icon > Lock screenLock Screen Icon .

Swipe Screen Lock Settings

You can modify the following settings to customize your lock screen. The options available will vary based on the selected screen lock option:

  • Multiple widgets: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn the Multiple widgets feature on Slider On . When the feature is not on, only the clock/personal message widget is displayed. Touch Multiple widgets to select which of the following widgets will be displayed on your lock screen when you swipe the screen to the left.
    • Favorite apps: Add a widget containing shortcuts to your favorite apps. You can customize the apps displayed in the widget by touching Edit in the widget.
    • Camera: When selected, this widget will open the camera when you swipe the lock screen to the left.
  • Clock widget options: Adjust the clock widget settings.
    • Dual clock: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn the Dual clock feature on Slider On . When turned on, your device will display dual clocks (your home city’s clock and the local clock) when you travel outside your home city’s time zone. Touch Dual clock to set your home city time zone.
    • Clock size: Select the size of the clock displayed on the lock screen.
    • Show date: Mark the checkbox to add the date to the clock widget.
    • Weather: Touch Weather to select the temperature Unit and the Auto refresh interval for weather information.
  • Shortcuts: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn the Shortcuts feature on Slider On and add up to five shortcuts to the lock screen. Touch Shortcuts and then touch one of the listed shortcuts to assign a different app.
  • Personal message: Touch the slider Slider Off to turn the Personal message feature on Slider On and add a customizable message widget to the lock screen. Touch Edit personal information to change the message displayed.
  • Owner information: You can add your contact info to the lock screen, providing a way for someone to contact you if you misplace your device. Touch Owner information to enter your contact info. Make sure you mark the Show owner information on lock screen checkbox, and touch OK to save the information.
  • Unlock effect (Swipe and Pattern lock only): Select the effect used when you swipe the screen. Choose from NoneWatercolor, or Ripple effect.
  • Ink effect: Select ink effect color when unlocking with the Ripple effect and the S Pen.
    Note: This option is available only when you have sele

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