Samsung getting ready to face the iPhone’s Iris Scanner

You know what’s cooler than unlocking your phone by scanning your fingerprint? Unlocking your phone by scanning your eye. And that’s what Samsung has planned for next year’s Galaxy S5, according to a new report out of Korea.

Our sister site ZDNet Korea quotes industry sources who say the company’s next flagship mobile will pack an iris scanner a first for any phone and a massively high-resolution display. These are just rumors for now, but it sounds like we could find out more soon.

According to the sources, the unnamed phone — most likely the Galaxy S5 — will debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. The iris scanner is likely to work like the iPhone 5S’s handy fingerprint scanner, meaning you can use your own unique biometrics to unlock the screen. A reliable, secure eye scanner would be harder to fool than a fingerprint detector, but would need a very high resolution camera.



5 thoughts on “Samsung getting ready to face the iPhone’s Iris Scanner

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