Samsung ISOCELL Camera: New Technology

Samsung has announced new advanced pixel technology for CMOS image sensors, which lets owners of premium mobile devices take clearer, high-quality pictures.

In a press release, the South Korean firm said Isocell advanced pixel technology increases a camera’s light sensitivity and is able to better control the absorption of electrons, which results in high-color, sharp images even in poor lighting conditions.

Destined for the firm’s range of premium smartphones and tablets — such as the Galaxy S4 smartphone and Galaxy Tab 3 — Samsung claims Isocell “improves the image quality and enhances the user experience” of mobile devices that integrate CMOS image sensors.

The quality of a camera’s image sensor is determined by the amount of light captured by the individual pixels within the sensor array. Buyers of smartphones and tablets are demanding higher-quality cameras and image quality, and Isocell technology is the result of shrinking pixels to improve image quality without increasing camera size. To do so, the electronics maker built upon past techniques and formed a physical barrier between neighboring pixels — isolating individual pixels — which increases the amount of photons that can be collected and absorbed by the camera’s sensors.



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