Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Watch On

Watch On is a better version of Peel’s Smart Remote and then some.

Watch On is Samsung’s new universal remote/video hub app that integrates streaming-video content and OTA and cable TV. It includes typical social sharing “this is what I’m watching” options and seems like a pretty effective and accurate TV guide, but the real standout feature is its powerful and potentially very useful search.

Searching for a particular piece of video content returns results sorted by delivery system. In other words, if you search for “Thor,” Watch On returns a number of matching options. Choosing the “Thor (2011)” movie option takes you to an information page with its Rotten Tomatoes score, sharing options, IMDb info, and related content. Tapping the “Watch Now” button shows a list of video delivery services like Samsung’s Media Hub and Blockbuster Video. You then choose through which service to watch the movie, and that service’s app will launch and take you directly to the “Thor” page, where you can choose to stream, purchase, or rent the video.

Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor Hulu will be integrated in time for launch, but I’m very interested in revisiting this app once they have. Having this kind of inter-service video hub is something I’ve been hoping Peel would implement since it debuted its Smart Remote app a couple of years ago.



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