Samsung galaxy Note 3 release dates in US: not coming any time soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not coming any time soon, no matter how bad some consumers want to get their hands on it. Simply put, all signs are pointing to a launch and release in the second half of this year.

Every single rumor has pointed to the second half of the year, with the latest suggesting that it may be launching sometime in the third quarter of the year. This lines up with the previous rumors that suggested that Samsung would be using the month of the September, and quite possibly the IFA conference, as a launching pad for the Galaxy Note 3.

If true, it would come just a tad later than the Galaxy Note 2 announcement which took place at the end of August. As we’ve pointed out though, Samsung is likely in no rush to release a new phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remains an extremely solid option and will only improve in the future as Samsung grants it major Android updates and software features from the Samsung Galaxy S4.

If Samsung does decide to launch the Galaxy Note 3 in September, expect that a release won’t come until the fourth quarter of this year, or, about a year after the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 touched down on shelves. This sets it up nicely ahead of the holidays and should be close enough to take away some steam from the launch and release of Apple’s iPhone 5S which is thought to be coming sometime before winter begins.

{credit: gottabemobile}


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