Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock Screen

GS4_LockScreen_Widget_Camera_SidebySide_610x501Galaxy S4, the lock screen has become a more customizable place. You’ll still choose if you swipe to unlock or use a passcode or face scan, and you can still add and order lock screen icons that serve as shortcuts to the camera, search, and your contacts.

Now, however, there are lock screen widget options, similar in concept to what you can get onWindows Phone, but different in execution. For example, you choose if you’d like to see the clock or a personal message on the screen, and if you’d like to swipe to open a list of favorite apps or launch the camera

Getting the camera to open from the lock screen isn’t all that intuitive. The trick is to swipe right to left near the top of the widget. If you swipe on the bottom half of the page, you’ll go straight into the home screen.

There’s also a nice new lock screen effect: Light. With Air View enabled, a point of light follows your fingertip as you hover over the display.

You can choose from a couple of widgets on the lock screen, but better swipe on top to unlock to the app.



8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock Screen

  1. Bought an S4, i like it, but….
    In any other Android high end phone, HTC One, Nexus, Experia Z etc i have the option to add widgets/shortcuts on lock screen to i.e Camera.

    I love having the camera there, without having to unlock-find app-and lauch it to take a pic.

    But it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t allow you to do this, it ONLY allows you when you have it in Swipe mode without any Pattern/pin etc security.

    Please let me know if you know away around this, its driving me crazy!


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