Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs & Display

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Display

Samsung has confirmed it is working on flexible displays and rumours are already circulating that the Korean giant is planning to utilise this technology for the Galaxy S4.

Flexible displays are “foldable, rollable, wearable and more, [and] will allow for a high degree of durability through their use of a plastic substrate that is thinner, lighter and more flexible than conventional LCD technology,” a Samsung spokesperson told the BBC.

The flexible OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen on the Galaxy S4 would also likely be Full HD with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 or higher and would be a full five inches across – which is encroaching on Samsung Galaxy Note II territory.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could sport a larger 4.99-inch Full-HD display and come with a much smaller bezel after what is being claimed to be an official press shot of the Galaxy SIV was leaked.

The leaked image was sent to SamMobile and came with a range of specs which suggest that Samsung will be launching a phone to take on both the current generation of the iPhone and also Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Specs

We’ve not been short of Samsung Galaxy S4 spec rumours over the last couple of months.

There are suggestions the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have 802.11ac WiFi technology – or 5G WiFiconnections. This is supposed to provide browsing speeds roughly equatable with a wired connection.

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a Broadcom BCM4335 chip that incorporates the 802.11ac WiFi capacity along with Bluetooth 4.0 and an FM radio.

According to Korean website Ddaily, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive toting a quad-core Exynos processor built on the 28nm microarchitecture standard. Essentially, this is a smaller, faster Exynos (Samsung’s own custom processors) than is currently tucked away inside the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Newer processors, along with increased speed, focus on improving efficiency between cores. This should mean that the Samsung Galaxy S4 can boast more processes and a longer battery life than we’ve previously seen in a handheld.

Other specs include a 13MP rear-facing camera and, of course, the aforementioned 1080p screen.

In terms of browsing speed, a new rumour suggests the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive with 802.11ac WiFi – also known as 5G WiFi. This new WiFi technology is aimed at providing wireless speeds equatable with a standard wired connection.

According to androidgeeks, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive with a Broadcom BCM4335 chip that features 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and an FM radio.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may come armed with company’s brand new Exynos Octa eight-core processor, if recent benchmarking tests are to be believed.

The screenshots reveal a 1.8GHz processor, which is in line with the next-generation eight-core Exynos 5 Octa chip Samsung is known to be working on.

As well as more power and speed, it is also thought to offer longer-lasting battery life.

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