Samsung Unveils the Galaxy note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is now officially a corporeal thing of reality. It’s an 8-inch tablet that thanks to its size is ready to compete directly with the 7.9-inch iPad Mini. How successful it is at doing that will depend heavily on price.

The iPad Mini currently starts at $329, a price that’s considered expensive for a tablet of its size. Despite its high asking price, though, the Mini has proven a consistently brisk seller. Samsung has yet to announce a price for the Galaxy Note 8, but if it wants to see it launch successfully, that’s a detail the company will have to get right.

It’s doubtful the Note 8 will cost any less than the Mini, especially in international markets where it will double as an extremely large phone.

The Feel

The Note 8 definitely feels different than a typical 7-inch tablet; it’s noticeably wider, of course, b

ut still feels comfortable in my hands. It’s a simple, elegant design with really smooth edges and corners. The Note 8 feels to be made of the same stuff as the Note 10.1, with a bit more metal thrown in for durability sake. It’s also fairly thin, and at only 0.74 pound, it’s only slightly heavier than the iPad Mini.

From left sit three bottom

bezel buttons: a menu key, home key, and the back key. Samsung has also added the ability to use the S-Pen with the three buttons


The 5-megapixel back camera is located directly in the top middle of the back, which probably lowers the chance an unwanted finger wi

ll enter the frame with taking a picture.The front camera, however, sits off to the top-right corner on the front. On the bottom edge are two speaker grills, a Micro-USB port, and a slot for the S-Pen.

Features (Hardware)

The Note 8 houses an unidentified 1.6GHz quad-core A9 and 2GB of RAM. Tablet mainstays like 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS are included as well as a gyroscope, accelerometer, and a digital compass. The tablet will come in both 16GB and 32GB varieties


2 thoughts on “Samsung Unveils the Galaxy note 8

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  2. More tablets by different major vendors like samsung are adding more weapon to the microsoft arsenal. This should be a big plus compared to apple software application which are dedicated to its own hardware devices. However this is not the case with Google Android which is favouring a more open approach and this has been its first reason for its market invasion up to now.

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