Samsung Galaxy S4 Being Announced on March 14

It should come as no surprise the Samsung Galaxy IV is coming. The only question was whether or not it would rear its head at the upcoming Mobile World Congress alongside competitors like the HTC one. Apparently not. According to The Verge, sources say it is definitely coming on March 14th at a Samsung event.

The Verge has now confirmed with sources familiar with Samsung’s plans that March 14th is “definitely” the day that the Korean giant plans on revealing one or more new devices, one of which is presumed to be the Galaxy S IV. As SamMobile says, we are also hearing that the event will be in the US, though it’s unclear whether carrier availability will be announced at that time.

Perhaps the most anticipated smartphone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S4will be here in a matter of months. So far, rumors and concept videos suggest it could be extremely thin with a laser keyboard and a very strong, or perhaps bendable, display — and it could arrive as soon as April.

Samsung has seen sales of its Galaxy S3 handset grind to a halt – something it will be keen to address soon. It’s much more likely that Samsung will hold of its announcement until Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of February or, at least, in an individual event shortly after. Speaking to a peripheral manufacturer, we were told that it will be making cases for a big Samsung product due to be announced in February.

s expected, leaks surrounding the S4’s suspected price have been thin on the ground, although we can expect it to cost as much as the S3 when it launched back in May – a wallet-busting $699 without no contract. Once again though the tough competition from Google’s own Nexus 4 device may force Samsung to lower its price in order to compete – unless of course the hardware specification is a big step forward.



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