Samsung galaxy IV Image: Fake or Real?


The biggest change shown on the leaked image is the absence of physical buttons from the the front of the device and a taller screen., who published the image, claim it originated from an insider at Samsung, but could not confirm the specifications of the device or any further details.

While its validity is far from certain, the photo is the first purported image of Samsung’s next iPhone-challenger, the successor to last year’s best-selling Galaxy S III.

Samsung became the top selling phone handset maker in the world in 2012, with sales of the Galaxy range of smartphones leading the companies net profit up 91 per cent year-on-year at the end of its third quarter. Over the course of the year Samsung added two new phones to the Galaxy S line, the S III and S III mini. The Galaxy S III sold more than 30 million handsets in just seven months.

The strength of the Galaxy S line is expected to continue Samsung’s mobile phone growth through 2013 according to analysts, with the gap between it and Apple, their nearest competitor in the smartphone marketplace, expected to grow.

Do you think this is real or fake?



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