Samsung to create waterproof phones

Samsung announced that they made a product known as Super-hydrophobic coating. This technology is to make Samsung phone water proof, which have been used on clothes for decades. This technology was actually created by HzO.Samsung and apple is talking to make a potential IPhone 5.This is a particular feature that has not been seen before. Even though this isn’t the first time that some phones haven’t been waterproof.

The super-hydrophobic coating will protect the inside and outside of the smartphone. This coating can be allowed underwater without any type of harm and danger.

Motorola products like the Xoom 2 have similar waterproof technology, but not like HzO super-hydrophobic.

HzO super-Hydrophobic is nothing new. I has already been created decades ago. The difference with these is that it’s like clothing. It allows the water to roll off  and keep the dirt off also.

HzO company said “We expect HzO to be in next season phones.”

Samsung to create waterproof phones.

via Samsung to create waterproof phones.


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